As the header says, I make things, break things, and cause general chaos for your entertainment, with the intention that both you and I learn something in the process!

More Information

I've been in the hobby of making and fixing things for over a decade. I have a Youtube channel where I document my projects and shenanigans, and now I'm starting this blog, and eventually an accompanying wiki, to document my projects properly and hopefully indefinitely. The goal with this site is to keep the posts fairly light and fast. All the pages are statically generated using Jekyll, and currently hosted out of a Github Pages repo (however moving to other hosting would be trivial. This just keeps maintenance to a minimum.) I've lived on some pretty awful internet connections, and appreciated sites that chose function over form. This site may not be flashy but its functional, this is very much my style and I hope this makes the information I keep here accessible to everyone.

This also isnt just for others, it's for myself as well. This blog will help me understand projects when looking back on them, and express problems Im facing and how I solve them, with the intention that I'll be a better problem solver.


If you’d like to support this site and the projects within, I have a Patreon.
I also accept Paypal: glytchtech@gmail.com
Massive thanks to all my past, current, and future supporters. You all are what makes this possible!

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